Make bank transfers to all SA banks

Bank Transfers

You can send money to any South African bank account. Simply enter the recipient's name, bank, account number, branch code and reference. We will take care of the rest!

Cash Out whenever you want


You can cash out at any Pick n Pay or CashExpress ATM nationwide.

Simply go to the till and present your token or enter the phone number and token at the ATM.

Send money to any SA phone number

Pay to Cell

Send money to friends and family in seconds and for free. All you need to do is enter the cell phone number, add the amount and hit send.

Next, your friend or family member will receive an SMS notifying them about this payment. Once they have signed up, the money will be in their Abela account.
We offer a cheap way to send money internationally at no additional charge

Pay users for free and in no time

Send to Abela

Want to send money instantly and for free? No problem! Simply enter your friend or family member’s abela user code, or scan their QR code, and send money in no time at all!

Send money back home without the headache

International Money Transfers

Looking to send money to Zimbabwe or beyond? Pay your international remittance from Mukuru, Mama Money, Sikhona or EcoCash conveniently with your Abela Account.