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🧐 Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get an Abela QR code?

You get a Abela QR code after signing up with Abela ( after verifying your phone by entering the OTP. You can also register via USSD number *120*38835#

How much does it cost to use Abela?

Abela is free for you! There are however fees that occur when receiving card payments (currently 3.5%) and depending on what bank you’re making a transfer too, fees that are related to that transfer. The payer however has the option to bear these fees.

How do I receive money?

There are two ways you can get paid with Abela. (1) The person paying you just needs to open the camera on their smartphone. Once they have scanned your Abela code they are able to pay you directly from their credit card, Zapper, PayPal or any masterpass enabled application, they’ll be able to select an amount to pay. (2) You can receive money from another Abela user at no fee to either participant.

How does an Abela user withdraw cash?

To withdraw money from your Abela account, simply enter the cellphone number that you want to send money to and the amount of money you want to cash out. You will receive an ewallet payment to withdraw your cash at any FNB ATM.

How do I pay for goods?

To buy value-added services through your abela account, you need to complete your profile by uploading your KYC documentation. You will then be able to use your balance to buy airtime, electricity, data, DStv and so much more.

How many accounts can be linked to a cell phone number?

Only 1 Abela account can be linked to a cell phone number.

How much does an Abela account cost?

Your Abela account is free upon sign up.

Why don’t I just use my banking app?

Abela is aimed at people who either (1) do not have a bank account but still want a way to digitally send and receive money. or (2) People who have a bank account but seldom carry cash and need to pay people who do not have a bank account. Besides, using Abela is much cheaper to use and more convenient.

Is Abela secure?

Yes, the money on your Abela account is secure and does not expire. It is up to you to ensure that your phone remains in your possession. In the case that your phone get stolen or lost, please contact us immediately, we're here for YOU!

Can I receive money if I use the Abela account?

Yes, simply display your Abela QR code to the person who you are receiving money from and allow them to scan your code. Alternatively you can also share your code (url to your pay page) via Whatsapp, Messenger, SMS, etc. If the sender is already an Abela user, all you would need to do is share your Abela account number with them to get paid seamlessly via Zapper, PayPal, any masterpass enabled application or via credit card.

Are there limits on how much one can transfer or withdraw on Abela?

There are no limits nor charges when transferring between Abela users. You can withdraw up to R3,000 a day and R24,000 a month from our cash out partners.

How can I advertise an Abela QR Code on a poster, screen or billboard?

You are able to share your Abela code with anyone. Click on “Share via WhatsApp” and your QR code is then able to be shared with anyone via URL.

How do I participate in the Abela Referral Program?

The Abela Referral program was developed to help people earn money by spreading the platform. You are able to participate in this program by going to your profile and selecting the “Invite & Earn” option. Once selected, you are able to share this link with anyone, and if they successfully sign up, you will be awarded R5.

What happens if my phone is stolen or lost or I change my phone number?

You can enter a valid recovery phone number by when you register a card, you get an SMS with a recovery password. Store the password safely. If you change your phone number, then on your new phone number, dial *120*38835# and use option 2. You can enter your old phone number and recovery password and this will update your profile to the new phone. In case of emergency please contact us immediately, we’re here for you.