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💸 Pay to other users (for free)

Transfers between abela users are always for free! If you scan a code of another user or merchant and use abela as the payment provider the transfer is instant and for mahala 🤑

📹 Pay other Users

💡 Buy electricity, airtime, data & much more

Get your airtime, electricity, DStv and so much more. You have the ability to pay your bills and monitor your accounts from the palm of your hands, saving you time and money.

📹 How to buy VAS

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🏦 Make bank transfers

You can pay to all South African banks. Simply enter the recipients name, bank, account number, branch code and reference. We'll wire the tranfer on your behalf. The recipient will receive money from our account (Abela iMali (Pty) Ltd) with your given reference.

Please be advised that different banks charge different fees and take different times to transfer funds.

Since the money will get deducted from your account immediatly you can use the receipt in your vault as proof of payment in the meanwhile.

📹 How to make bank transfers

📲 Pay to a Cellphone

Send money to any South African cellphone number. Simply enter the phone number, amount and hit send. The recipient will receive an SMS to notify him about the payment. As soon as the user is signed up, he or she will see the money reflected in their vault.

📹 Pay other Users

💵 International Money Remittance

For international money remittance we use Mukuru and EcoCash. Pay your money transfers conveniently from your account. No need to hustle to the next stop to pay for them. After paying your Mukuru or EcoCash order you'll get a receipt for your payment and the recipient will be notified.


💰Cash Out

To Cash Out simply go to transfer and select Cash Out or choose 4) Cash Out on the USSD *120*38835#. Enter the phone number you want to send or receive the token to, enter the amount and hit send. You should receive an SMS with a withdrawal PIN within 5 minutes


💳 Top Up your account

To top up your account either make an EFT, Instant EFT or pay via credit card. Alternatively you can add your credit card on the iOS and Android App.


🚐 Bus Taxis

At the moment we're piloting to pay your daily commutes with abela.

Soon you'll be able to pay for your daily commutes with abela, without the hassle of cash!

Developing features like this underline our constant drive to innovate to make your everyday life easier and safer.

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