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Abela allows you to pay your domestic, gardener, nanny, etc. conveniently using your prefered payment method (Credit Card, Zapper, Masterpass, Paypal). This is not only more convenient but also safer for her and him.

⏳ Save time fetching cash

🔒 Safer for you and your employees

🔥 Instant transfer and settlement

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Pay large amounts of employees

We've built a service that allows you to pay your employees that don't have a bank accounts in no time. This is done with automated accounting in the background and is for free.

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🔒 Safer for you and your employees

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How we automate your payroll

1. Download and populate the provided tabel with your employee's cellphone number and amount due

2. Make one bank transfer to us

3. We payout to every single employee

4. Each payment is executed automatically and has it's unique receipt that you can view on your account

Want to automate your payroll?

Version 2.0 (coming soon)

We know that large parts of your workforce fall under the Pay As You Earn (PAYE) minimum tax bracket. We are currently working on a new version, that will allow us to automatically calculate and pay the respective tax to SARS on your behalf.

🥳 No more long accounting days

🔒 It's safer

🤑 It's for free

Automate your payroll

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